Welcome to the website ROBOKRITI INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED By logging onto or visiting the website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted, without limitation or reservation, our Personal Data and Cookies Policy (the “Policy”) and General Terms of Use. Please note that other general terms of use and other personal data and cookies policies apply to other ROBOKRITI INDIA websites, and we recommend that you read them carefully.

This policy is intended to inform you of the rights and freedoms that you can exercise regarding our use of your personal data. It also describes the measures that we implement to protect them.

1. Purpose and Basis for Processing the Data Collected, and their Storage Period.

By installing cookies on your computer, you are liable to provide us with a certain amount of personal data, such as connection data like your IP address, so that you can benefit from the services offered by our website and maximize your browsing experience on our website.

You agree to let us process your personal data so that we can provide you access to the website’s services and make your browsing easier.

Your personal data are not subsequently processed for purposes other than those described above. Your data are stored for a maximum of 13 months.

2. Data Recipients

Your personal data are liable to be disclosed to certain departments of the Data Controller or companies within the ROBOKRITI, as well as to certain partners or subcontractors.

 3. Data Transfers

All data transfers to countries outside of the European Economic Area are carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations and in such a way as to ensure adequate protection of the data. 

For personal data transfers which are not covered by the BCR and bound for countries outside the European Economic Area, other measures have been established to ensure adequate data protection.

For all information on the other measures established to ensure adequate protection, please write to the contact address mentioned below.

4. Security and Confidentiality of Your Data

The data controller will implement the appropriate measures to maintain the security and confidentiality of your personal data, particularly to prevent it from being altered, damaged, or accessed by unauthorised third parties.

5. Cookie Management

5.1 Principles

A cookie is a file that records information regarding the browsing done on the website from your computer, such as the number of visits and pages viewed, particularly to facilitate your visits to the website.

You can, at any time, delete the cookies installed on your computer, block the storage of new “cookies”, and be prompted before the installation of a new cookie by configuring your browser according to the instructions outlined below (“Types of Cookies, Cookies, Statistics, and Settings”).

Please note that if you uninstall a cookie or block the installation of cookies on your device, you may not be able to benefit from some of the website’s services.

5.2. Types of Cookies, Cookies, Statistics and Settings

The cookies that may be installed on your server when you browse the website may be exclusively for enabling and facilitating digital communication, or strictly required to provide the services you request (language cookies, identification cookies, etc.), or they may be statistical cookies or other cookies as per the conditions described below.

When the installation of cookies requires your consent, we will request it via a “More info” link that will appear at the bottom of the first page opened on the website. It should be noted that continuing to browse the website requires your acceptance.

6. Your Rights / Contact

In accordance with the regulations in force, you have the right to access, rectify, delete, and object to the processing of your personal data.

You can request the communication of your personal data as well as the limitation or portability of your personal data.