IoT based PIS Display

May 29, 2018

IoT based PIS Display LED Display Systems LED Display systems are used to transfer visual information for Mass Communication. Information like Flash News, ONLINE Production status, Arrivals & Departures, Graphical Presentation, Animated messages and Pictures can be displayed for effective and immediate understanding in LED display boards. Classification of LED display systems LED Display Systems/Display boards for Day visible and night visible Single, Multi colour and true colour LED display boards Indoor and Outdoor LED display systems Interfaces GPS and GSM interface Modem interface for obtaining the data from remote place and displaying the same Computer interface PLC interface to LED display output parameters of PLCs Pager interface Data communication exchange interface for multiple LED display systems connectivity etc Applications Production status, statistics and other information ON LINE Urgent ON LINE Messages for Mass Communication Warning Messages in critical areas like mass production and operating yards Operation Precautions Messages Flight, Train & Bus Departure and Arrival Information Weather Information Electronic Score Boards Animations & Pictures


Deploying Safety Automation System in Indian Railways

May 28, 2018

We RoboKriti India Private Limited now entering into Indian Railways automation research and development work. currently we deploying automation system in Manned non interlocked railway crossing at Bhopal division. In this system we provided Automated Private Number Generator, Gate Keeper Alarm System and Fully Automated Horizontal Boom Banner Flag System. The main motive for deploying such kind of system is to preventing human error accidents in railway crossings.